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What is LiquidBounce?

LiquidBounce is a free Forge injection client for the game 'Minecraft'. You can find out more about it below.

Awesome GUI

We put a lot of effort into designing a good-looking GUI which is also very easy and intuitive to use.

1.11.2 & Realms Compatible

LiquidBounce is compatible with the latest version of Minecraft but we are working on a version for Minecraft 1.8 as well.

Mod Compatible

Since LiquidBounce is a Forge injection client, you can use it with any Forge mod you want. For example Optifine.

Highly customizable

LiquidBounce gives you the opportunity to change the looks most of the GUI parts according to your wishes.

Active Development

We are constantly working on new updates for LiquidBounce. If you think something is missing in our client feel free to contact us.

MCLEAKS Integration

MCLEAKS.NET is a website which allow you to generate almost unlimited amounts of alts for free you can use to play on servers.


Questions or ideas? Feel free to send us an E-Mail (support@liquidbounce.net) or join our Discord guild (Link below).

Free Download

LiquidBounce is completely free to use. Just download it now, try it out for youself and let us know what you think.

Watch the video by WiZARDHAX about our client.


Want to see more works?

Visit our CCBlueX website.


Just choose the Minecraft version you want to download LiquidBounce for.
Minecraft 1.8.X Minecraft 1.12.2

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By downloading and using LiquidBounce you automatically agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy. Feel free to contact us by E-Mail if you have any questions: support@liquidbounce.net


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Feel free to contact us if there is anything you want to let us know.

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Official Accounts


  • Marco_MC (Owner)
  • Senk Ju (Owner)
  • Fleroxh (Developer)
  • superblaubeere27 (Developer)
  • Ben (Server Management)