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What is LiquidBounce?

LiquidBounce is a so-called hacked client for the game Minecraft. In a nutshell, a modded client like LiquidBounce allows you to do certain things regular players are not able to do. What makes LiquidBounce special compared to similar clients is its Forge compatibility, which enables you to use it with any other mod you like.

Awesome GUI

We put a lot of effort into designing a good-looking but also functional graphicaluser interface which allows you to adjust all settings to your liking without having to remember the proper syntax complicated commands. These feature make LiquidBounce an extremely easy to use hacked client even for people who have never used one before.

1.12.2 & Realms Compatible

LiquidBounce is one of the few clients which are not only compatible with the many years old Minecraft version 1.8.9 but also with its latest release. This allows you to play on servers that have updated to the the latest version of Minecraft and gives you the ability to enjoy all the additions Mojang has made to their game since the release of Minecraft 1.8.9.

Mod Compatible

Since LiquidBounce is a Forge injection client, you can use it with pretty much any other Forge mod you want. For example, but not limited to, Optifine or LabyMod. Forge is the biggest Minecraft modding API which means thousands of independent developers have made modifications to the game that enhance your gaming experience. Check them out!

Highly Customizable

We of course know that it is impossible to make a design everyone loves and that is why we are trying to make LiquidBounce as customizeable as possible. We want to give you, the user, the opportunity to adjust the appearance according to your desires. The only person who really knows what you want, is you. So go ahead and check out the new HUD Designer!

Active Development

We are constantly trying to improve LiquidBounce by adding new features, modules and bypasses. Our goal is to make the perfect hacked client for free and by that render all paid clients useless. If you are missing something in our hacked client, feel free to contact us about it by E-Mail and we will do our best to add it in the next update!

MCLEAKS Integration

Banned from your favorite server? Not a problem! MCLEAKS.NET gives you access to almost unlimited amounts of alts for free. Normally you would have to use the authentificator tool they provide to log in to an account provided by MCLEAKS. That is not the case with LiquidBounce which allows you to use them with the built-in AltManager.

Scripting API

You think that LiquidBounce is missing a module or you want to search for new bypasses yourself? LiquidBounce's JavaScript API allows you to do exactly that! With just a few lines of code you can develop your own modules and share them with the community. The API allows you to access all Minecraft classes and many of LiquidBounces events.

Free Download

We think quality does not have to be expensive and that is why we are offering LiquidBounce for free. No hidden costs, no premium features. Just go ahead, download the client and use all the features which are normally limited to paid clients. We would be pleased to hear what you think of our hacked client LiquidBounce.

Watch the video by WiZARDHAX about our client.


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Just choose the version of Minecraft you want to cheat in. If you are having trouble installing LiquidBounce check out the installation tutorial and FAQ below or send us an E-Mail if those did not answer your question.
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By downloading and using LiquidBounce you automatically agree to our TOS and Privacy Policy. Feel free to contact us by E-Mail if you have any questions: support@liquidbounce.net


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Feel free to contact us if there is anything you want to let us know. We would certainly be pleased to hear from you!

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