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Support LiquidBounce's development by donating

LiquidBounce is completely free. Nevertheless, we are happy about any voluntary support we can receive. In return for your donation you will receive an ingame cape that can be seen by all other LiquidBounce users. LiquidBounce is also able to automatically move your cape to the account you are currently logged into. So it doesn't matter if you play on your main account or not.

PayPal is the preferred payment method for donations, but we also accept various crypto currencies.

After your donation you will receive a so-called transfer code (we will also send you this code again by email). This is the so to speak password to your cape. You need it to move your cape to another account and to switch it on or off. Don't share your code with anyone and don't lose it!


If you pay via PayPal, the entire payment process is automated. You will receive your cape and a confirmation email immediately after your payment.

Just enter the Minecraft username you want to link your cape with in the form below and then make your payment. In the future you will be able to move the cape to other accounts. Therefore this is not a final decision. No worries.

Crypto Currencies

Besides PayPal we also accept the crypto currencies listed below. However, all payments here must be manually verified by us. Therefore it may take a few days until you receive your cape. Please make sure to send us an email after you have made your payment, otherwise we might not notice it. Our email address is We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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