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  • How do I install LiquidBounce?

    Installing LiquidBounce is very easy. Just follow the steps described in the installation instructions.
  • Is LiquidBounce safe to use?

    Yes, LiquidBounce is safe to use. We can assure you that it is free from viruses, adware, crypto miners or other junkware. Also, LiquidBounce is open source. That means the source code is freely available. This transparency ensures that any potential violations of our standards would be promptly identified.
  • How do you make money if LiquidBounce is free?

    LiquidBounce is completely free. Nevertheless, we do have some ways to earn money with our work. Firstly, there are banners on this page. If you wish to support us at no cost, consider disabling your AdBlocker. Additionally, we gratefully accept donations as another means of support.
  • How do I update LiquidBounce?

    If you are using LiquidLauncher, which is the recommended way to install LiquidBounce, updates will be installed automatically. Otherwise, simply download the update and replace old version in your mods directory.
  • How do I change keybinds?

    Simply open up the ClickGUI by pressing the right shift key. Then right click the module you want to bind. Press the first element in the setting panel (usually it will say 'None' by default) and then the key you want to bind to. To unbind a module, simply click the button again while it is waiting for a key press.
  • My HUD is gone! How do I re-enable it?

    You might have accidentally disable HUD. However, this problem can be easily addressed: Just open the ClickGUI by pressing the right shift key and enable the HUD module, which can be found in the render panel.
  • Is LiquidBounce compatible with Baritone?

    Yes, you can use LiquidBounce with Baritone! When using the Launcher it comes pre-installed with the client, otherwise simply drag and drop Baritone into your mods folder. Then you can access Baritone using #help!