Note: It's better to use this script whilst having your window full-sized/full-screened.
This script lets you generate and play mazes.

Using this script is very easy: Each time you enable the "Maze" module (can be found in "Misc"), a random maze is being generated and shown on your screen.
You'll find a red rectangle at the bottom left corner of the maze field. Use the arrow keys to move it within the maze. You have to get to the end of the maze at the top right corner where you can see a green rectangle.
Once you've done that, another random maze will be generated and you have to solve the maze again.
There isn't any time or count limit. You can solve as many mazes as you want. The current algorithm is biased towards mazes with many dead ends so they won't be that hard. If you're getting bored, just disable the module.

Module settings
- LBlockSize: This is the size of each field within the maze.
- HNodeCount:: That's the amount of nodes/vertices in each horizontal layer. The actual width of the maze is twice that value minus 1.
- VNodeCount:: That's the amount of nodes/vertices in each vertical layer. The actual height of the maze is twice that value minus 1.
- Transparency: This is the transparency of the entire field in %.
- Align: This value determines where the maze is aligned to. You can align it to the center of the screen, to the center of each edge of the screen and to each corner of the screen.

Have fun!

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