This longjump does not work like 1.9+ vehicle exploits. Keep the module enabled, go into any vehicle (or onto a pig/horse) and simply dismount. Only sneak briefly or you'll be flagged! The script provides three different modes:

- Normal: Works on any AAC 4.x server: Can only be used for AAC 3.3.13+ servers which disabled the velocity check.
- AAC3Velo: Required mode for AAC 3 servers. If you use this mode, you'll longjump at the moment you hit the ground. Does not work on AAC 4.
- AAC3OnGround: Basically an onGround BufferSpeed for AAC 3.3.13+.

You can alter the horizontal and vertical boost of the longjump as well.

The value 'HBoost' determines the horizontal boost (= maximal motion). If you're playing on an AAC 3 server with enabled velocity check, it shouldn't exceed a value of 7. Otherwise, it can be slightly higher, but keep in mind that the maximal motion (horizontal + vertical) may not be higher than 10 blocks/tick. You may not be too slow though.
The value 'VBoost' does the same thing for the vertical boost. On AAC 3 it should be around ~0.62, otherwise it is not limited as well.
The value 'OnGroundBoost' is self-explanatory.

The longjump can be so fast that even a small wall may not be enough to stop you. Therefore, you've got the option 'ActionOnCollide'.

- None: Does nothing. Even if you collide with a wall, you might still "slide" further and eventually fall off the map.
- ResetMotion: If you collide with a wall, your horizontal motion will be set to 0. Should be enough for AAC 3.
- CancelVelo: Should be used for AAC 4. Additionally cancels velocity you may receive from AAC 4 for resetting your motion.

The option 'AutoDestroyBoats' is self-explanatory.

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