Bypass IP bans with LiquidBounce's state-of-the-art proxy.

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Two different plans give you the freedom to decide according to your individual requirements.

Are you tired of trying to find a VPN working on the server you are trying to play on? Does your internet provider no longer provide you with a dynamic IP address? Not anymore! LiquidProxy integrates seamlessly with LiquidBounce and many other clients (even Vanilla Minecraft!) allowing you to bypass any IP ban within seconds.

LiquidProxy Dedicated

  • Instant IP changes with a simple username change!
  • Massive pool of over 20K IPs ready to use.
  • Unlimited IP usage — change as often as needed.
  • Low latency connections within Europe.
  • IP switch without any disruption.
  • IPs pre-verified against common AntiVPNs.
  • Never fear banned IPs with our advanced usage spreader.
  • Connect using SOCKS5 proxy protocol.
  • Seamless Minecraft integration with our Route feature.
  • Perfect for live streaming with uninterrupted connectivity.

for only 4,99 € monthly

LiquidProxy Residential

  • Enjoy all benefits of the Dedicated plan.
  • 2M+ Residential IPs — change without limits.
  • Never worry about being blocked by AntiVPNs.
  • Only trusted residential providers.
  • Providers located in Germany for low latency.

for only 9,99 € monthly


Watch this two minute trailer to learn what makes LiquidProxy special.

  • How do I use LiquidProxy with LiquidBounce?

    Log in to the user control panel and navigate to the LiquidProxy section to find your login credentials. Run LiquidBounce and open the ProxyManager (behind the LiquidBounce button in the main menu). Add a new proxy using the credentials provided on the website. Connect to the proxy by double clicking it. From now on, you will connect to any server through our proxy network.
  • How do I use LiquidProxy with other clients?

    Log in to the user control panel and navigate to the LiquidProxy section and scroll down to the Routes section. Click the button labeled 'Add Route', select which proxy network to use (if applicable), fill out the server address field and and confirm. A new entry should have appeared in the list. Press the clipboard button next to the address field. Finally, launch the game and connect to the address copied to your clipboard. You will be connected to the server through our proxy network.
  • Where is your server infrastructure located?

    Our server infrastructure is located in Germany and US West. If you are from Europe, you can expect your ping to increase by 20-30ms when connected through our proxy network. This may vary depending on whether you are using the dedicated or residential plan.
  • For how long can I stay connected?

    This depends on whether you are using a dedicated or residential plan. If you use Dedicated, you can stay connected for up to 8 hours. For residential, the session time can vary between 30 min - 90 min.
  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Log in to the user control panel, navigate to the LiquidProxy section and click on 'Manage Subscription'. After logging in with your email address, you will be taken to the Stripe subscription management page where you can cancel your subscription.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?

    Automatic payments are handled by Stripe. Currently, only credit card and PayPal payments are accepted. Payments using various crypto currencies are accepted as well but have to be handled manually by us. You can find our crypto currency addresses on the donation page. After you have made a transaction, please contact us at [email protected] or on our Discord server.
  • Can I use LiquidProxy for anything besides Minecraft?

    No. LiquidProxy was designed to only be used as a Minecraft proxy. It's not a general purpose proxy service and will reject non-Minecraft traffic.
  • Can I use LiquidProxy for botting?

    No. LiquidProxy was not designed for botting. Simultaneous connections are limited to one. You cannot use it with multiple accounts at the same time.