Here you can find all the new features we have implemented.

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addition Added Down setting to Scaffold.

addition Added Real2D mode to ESP.

addition Replaced RotationStrafe in KillAura with mode selector and added Silent mode.

addition Added PotionEffect setting to Regen.

addition Added different options for what to do with empty bowls to AutoSoup.

addition Added new crash item to secondary creative inventory.

addition Added GommeSW mode to Teams.

addition Added Nuke and NukeDelay settings to Nuker.

addition Added Rotations setting to Nuker.

addition Added Priority settings to Nuker.

addition Added Swing mode to Crasher.

addition Added onStrafe, onSlowDown and onClickBlock events to ScriptAPI.

addition Added IgnoreVehicle setting to InventoryCleaner.

addition Added Hypixel mode to NoFall.

improvement Completely new ScriptAPI. Developers should check out the Documentation.

improvement Renamed Criticals Mode HypixelPacket to NcpPacket.

improvement The server can no longer close the ClickGUI.

improvement Improved .hide command.

improvement Improved Zoot.

improvement Re-worked GUICredits into GUIContributors.

improvement Improved AutoReconnect feature. Delay can not be customized.

improvement Improved performance of certain render code.

improvement .xray command now supports block names instead of IDs.

improvement Improved SameY setting of Scaffold.

improvement Renamed and resorted Crasher modes and changed default mode.

improvement Improved path finding of certain modules.

bug fix Fixed bug in KillAura's facing check which sometimes prevent it from attacking.

bug fix Fixed notifications element sometimes glitching around the screen.

bug fix Fixed bug in command tab autocompletion.

bug fix Fixed visual glitch with TabGUI border.

bug fix ArrayList can now be placed exactly in the corner of the screen.

bug fix Fixed overlapping module names in ArrayList.

bug fix Fixed various vanilla crash exploits.

bug fix Fixed AAC velocity not setting motion values properly.

bug fix Fixed Blink showing fake player when using Pulse mode.

bug fix Fixed Regen/FastUse/Zoot sending unnecessary packets.

bug fix Fixed Nuker not destroying block below player last.

bug fix Fixed LiquidWalk NoJump not working on lily pads, slabs, etc.

bug fix Fixed KillAura facing check staying enabled even if rotations are disabled.

bug fix Fixed Step sometimes staying enabled after disabling.

bug fix Fixed issues with Teleport target position finding.

bug fix Fixed typo in AntiBot (InvailedGround -> InvalidGround).

bug fix Fixed .reload resetting keybinds.

bug fix Fixed module commands being no longer available after reloading client.

bug fix Fixed LiquidChat not displaying error when copying token before setting.

bug fix Fixed LiquidWalk Dolphin mode not working.

bug fix Fixed .scriptmanager reload not reloading ClickGUI.



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addition AutoSettings now support 'unchat ' function to display unformatted text.

addition Added 'targetPlayers' as an alias for 'targetPlayer'.

addition Added JumpHeight setting to Step.

addition Added MotionNCP mode to Step.

addition Added SpoofTicks setting to AutoWeapon.

addition Added Step mode to FastStairs.

addition Added AAC3.3.13 mode to FastStairs.

addition Added AAC3.6.4 mode to Tower.

addition Added .hide command allowing to the user to hide modules from the ArrayList.

addition Added OnMove setting to Timer.

addition Added delay setting to AntiBot settings LivingTime and WasInvisible.

addition Added '%velocity%' variable to CustomHUD.

addition Toggle command can now actively enable or disable a module.

improvement Step will now send Jump achievement packet.

improvement Renamed FastClimb modes to more fitting names. Click here.

improvement Renamed FastStairs modes to more fitting names. Click here.

improvement Improved FastClimb Clip mode.

improvement Fixed flags on certain AntiCheats caused by FastStairs when walking down stairs.

improvement Fixed Tower flags on Hypixel.

improvement Added TNT and banners to Tower/Scaffold item blacklist.

improvement Improved distance calculation.

improvement KillAura rotations can now be disabled by setting RotationSpeed to 0.

bug fix Fixed session login not switching back to Mojang authentication.

bug fix Fixed NullPointerException caused by Skull setting in SkinProtect.

bug fix Fixed NullPointerException caused by Velocity when joining a world.

bug fix Fixed bug in AutoArmor which made Hotbar setting not work properly most of the time.

bug fix Fixed command shortcuts not saving.

bug fix Fixed bug in distance calculation of Fucker.

bug fix Fixed Super Secret Settings not working properly.

bug fix Fixed NoScoreboard not working when HUD is disabled.

bug fix Fixed bugs in .give command.



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addition Added DuplicateInTab setting to AntiBot.

addition Added DuplicateInWorld setting to AntiBot.

addition Added tab completion for client commands.

addition Added SimulateInventory setting to AutoSoup.

addition Added different alignment options to Armor element in CustomHUD.

addition Added Rotations setting to ChestAura.

addition Added text, rect and background settings to scoreboard CustomHUD element.

addition Added setting to Model CustomHUD element.

addition Added PortalMenu module which allows you to open menus while standing inside nether portals.

addition Added Pearl and Gapple to slot values in InventoryCleaner.

improvement Renamed various fly modes to more fitting names.

improvement Renamed Velocity mode Reverse2 to SmoothReverse.

improvement Improved Velocity mode AACPush.

improvement Improved AACHop for AAC 3.3.13.

improvement Improved rotations of ChestAura.

improvement Improved SkinProtect.

improvement Re-added Notifications element to default HUD.

improvement All modules performing inventory tasks now share the same delay timer.

improvement Current account is now selected by default in AltManager account list.

improvement AutoArmor now takes durability into account.

improvement Added easing animations to various HUD elements.

bug fix Fixed Tower spamming block place packets (Fixed auto bans on various servers).

bug fix Fixed AutoArmor not being able to compare non-armor items in armor slots.

bug fix Fixed HypixelBoost Fly not showing mark.

bug fix Fixed NullPointerException in BlockESP.

bug fix Fixed StorageESP Outline mode affecting HUD colors.

bug fix Fixed ChestStealer not taking tools from chests if player already has an item with higher damage value.

bug fix Fixed AutoArmor ignoring Delay value.

bug fix Fixed bug in ArrayList caused by some Saturation and Brightness values.

bug fix Fixed default position of Armor and Notifications CustomHUD elements.

bug fix Fixed InventoryCleaner replacing item in hotbar with the same item from inventory.

bug fix Fixed wrong position ArrayList Rect when displayed on the left side of the screen.

bug fix Fixed bug in HUD effects element.

bug fix Fixed bug which prevented CustomHUD elements outside the screen to be moved back in.

bug fix Fixed Fucker not showing target block through walls.

bug fix Fixed bug which prevented new accounts from being added to the AltManager when using TheAltening account.

bug fix Fixed InventoryCleaner placing blocks inside hotbar which cannot be used for scaffolding.

bug fix Fixed bug which prevented InventoryCleaner from instantly dropping all items.

bug fix Fixed Velocity flags on AAC when using Speed and Velocity mode AACPush.

bug fix Fixed scoreboard not being shown if HUD is disabled.

bug fix Fixed ChestStealer TakeRandomized not working if Delay was set to 0.

bug fix Fixed ChestStealer not waiting until chest content was received before closing chest.

removal Removed some very old Fly modes.



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addition Re-added session login.

addition Added Range setting to Fucker.

addition Added SwitchTimer setting to Fucker.

addition Added scoreboard component to CustomHUD.

addition Added %cps%, %lcps%, %rcps% and %mcps% variables to CustomHUD.

addition Added DynamicColor setting to Tracers.

addition Added KeepLengthRotation setting to Scaffold.

addition Added SimulateInventory setting to AutoPot.

addition Added .shortcut command.

improvement BowAimBot now properly supports AutoBow.

improvement Renamed all block values from 'ID' to 'Block'.

improvement Improved AutoArmor.

improvement Improved CustomHUD.

improvement Improved performance of HUD.

improvement Improved performance of ScriptAPI.

improvement AutoPot MinDelay is now 500.

improvement AutoPot now uses random pitch values between 80 and 90.

improvement AutoPot now takes distance between player and ground into account.

bug fix Fixed MemoryLeak caused by TextureManager.

bug fix Fixed TheAltening causing problems with SSL connections.

bug fix Fixed NoSlowBreak missing a description.

bug fix Fixed Fucker failing to break a block which has been replaced while breaking.

bug fix Fixed CivBreak not aiming properly.

bug fix Fixed AutoSettings being unable to bind render modules.

bug fix Fixed InventoryCleaner SimulateInventory not working properly.

bug fix Fixed ShaderESPs not working on AMD GPUs.

bug fix Fixed visual glitch which caused contents of text boxes to sometimes be rendered incorrectly.

bug fix Fixed Scaffold facing even without having blocks to place.

bug fix Fixed other modules affecting KillAura RotationStrafe.

bug fix Fixed broken sliders in CustomHUD.