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ScriptAPI inventory tabs

LiquidBounce has a secondary inventory that can be accessed in creative mode. It contains useful items, but also items that can be used to exploit in-game bugs. With the ScriptAPI it is also possible to add additional tabs with your own items.

Creating a tab


The registerTab method allows the addition of a separate tab to the secondary inventory, which can contain special items, including items with unique NBT data. It creates a new instance of ScriptTab and registers it with the client.
The following table describes the properties of the options object.

Property Description Type
name Name under which the tab will be shown in the inventory. string
icon Icon the tab will have in the inventory. Has to be the name of an existing item. string
items Array containing the items of the tab. array


    name: "MyTab",
    icon: "apple",
    items: [

Hint: The global Item class of the ScriptAPI proves to be very useful here to create items with special NBT data. Its documentation can be found here.